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Rapid technological progress and an ever changing society are creating a challenging environment for teams and their individual members. We provide tools to enable them to succesfully cope with these dynamics.

Scientifically validated

All our tools have been academically validated and developed by a team of experienced scientists and organizational enhancers


For all types of organisation

Profit or non-profit, hierarchically arranged or self-managing, start up or already 300 years of history, we want to help every team in any organization.

Focus on result

Knowledge is useful, but it must translate into concrete results. We provide team members with these insights to work together better and to excel individually.

Vantage Innovations

Conflict Coping Styles and Strategies Inventory

The CCSI provides both to individuals as well as teams valuable insights on why co-operations are not succesfull or why conflicts at work arise. The CCSI measures individual strategies and coping styles when confronted with conflicts or when faced with resistance. The CCSI has been scientifically validated.

Vantage Explore

Vantage Explore is a methodology that helps organisation to gain instights why the co-operation within teams or between individuals is not running well or even leads to conflicts.

We create tools for harmony and succes

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