The Vantage Way of Working

From insight to performance


Vantage helps organizations to identify cooperation problems early and to tackle them in a targeted manner. Together with you, we ensure that internal tensions and conflicts will not grow, but rather get resolved.

The Vantage Way of Working stands for quality, for the human dimension, for self-motivation. We assume the power of every person and believe that everyone is capable of growing and getting the best out of themselves. We help people to develop the skills needed to turn an unpleasant situation into an opportunity.

Journey to insightRoad to performance

Actively seeking controversies

A conflict can be viewed in different ways: as a grueling experience that drives people apart, spoils the working atmosphere and causes emotional, physical and financial damage. You can also see it as an opportunity to get to know yourself and others better, to develop communication skills and creativity, and to look at things from a different angle. Or as an opportunity to connect people within the organization more, to improve the atmosphere and thereby motivation and productivity and to make your company healthier.


Use people's drives

People are driven and want to achieve goals. These goals are sometimes contradictory, creating conflicts. Vantage believes that people can strengthen each other by coming closer together. Not by giving the problem directly to the hands of professionals, but by keeping the control as much as possible and by actively looking for possible solutions. Our goal is that people and organizations are not harmed in this process and that ultimately a stronger whole is created. This is what Vantage stands for.

Solve the puzzle by yourself

We believe in self-reliance and invest in it. For everyone we make part of our resources and online tools available at no cost. We do this because we believe that everyone should have the opportunity not to be unnecessarily and long-term damaged by a conflict situation. And we have faith in people, in their ability to tackle situations themselves. Better and further than they often consider possible..

How we match with your organisation?

Insurer, retailer, political party, government or whatever organization you are. Our approach, services and products are applicable in every organization. From large to small, non-profit or profit, more traditional or according to the method of ‘the new way of working’; all organizations suit us. We work together with line management, HR departments or employee representatives such as the works council. Above all, we work for the people in your organization, from top to bottom. To contribute to solving those cooperation problems that stand in the way of pleasure and success.

‘Deflict’ yes, that really is a verb (or at least it should be …)

Vantage introduced the new verb “to deflict”, it is a counter-movement, and stand for the search for solutions instead of emphasizing the contradictions. “Deflicting is choosing to view opposing interests in a different way, and recognizing that a joint solution It is often better for everyone involved than a one-sided focus on profit.

Testing the waters extensively

Our tools and questionnaires are scientifically tested. Therefore we take the time for that. We ask a large group of people to try our questionnaires and always look forward to their feedback. Of course, afterwards we sometimes take our hair off the head. But then there is always an even better product. Learn, improve, share and listen. That is what we always do and will continue to do.

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