Driving Business Results Requires A New Approach to Co-operation

Nowadays many companies operate in a dynamically changing environment. Leaders and their teams are required to execute the business strategy and deliver strong results in a very competitive and uncertain reality. Pressure and unpredictability often make people great individual performers who are focused on their own tasks. However, what is often missing is collective performance based on effective collaboration and networking. Many organisations are now redefining the way people should co-operate and take responsibility for action. There is more demand for flexible teams with leaders who inspire people how to be more entrepreneurial and innovative.

Introducing Vantage Tool – CCSI

We have created a co-operation supporting tool that helps teams and their leaders identify the way people deal with problems in difficult situations. The CCSI Questionnaire has been designed for individuals and teams that are driven for results and cannot afford  spending time on never ending discussions or conflicts that are left unsolved. The questionnaire provides you with the information on how people approach difficult interpersonal situations at work. CCSI helps in the following business areas:

Developing Teamwork Skills Creating more effective teams; improving their work performance and job satisfaction
Strategic Alignement Supporting a company in restructuring programs, where two different cultures are met after the merger or acquisition
Recruitment for Special Purposes Selecting people to a special task oriented teams; steering the conflict culture in the company; aligning people to changing company culture
CSR and Employer Branding Activities Co-operation support programs to promote well-being and high level of work satisfaction
Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) Supporting programs that help employees deal with their personal issues; provides anonymous support via the company resource without a risk of being exposed

Measuring 5 different styles/strategies of dealing with conflict at work

It measures 5 different styles/strategies of dealing with conflict at work:

  • Competing style/strategy which means taking assertive and uncooperative approach during conflicts, standing up for one’s rights, defending own position and point of view, determination to win with other party.
  • Collaborating style/strategy which means taking assertive and cooperative approach during conflicts, willingness to listen to others views and familiarize with their perspective, determination to find creative solution together to satisfy all sides of the conflict.
  • Accommodating style/strategy which means taking unassertive and cooperative approach, satisfying other person and self-sacrificing.
  • Avoiding style/strategy which means taking unassertive and uncooperative approach, postponing or withdrawing the conflict.
  • Compromising style/strategy which means taking moderately assertive and cooperative approach, determination to find mutually satisfying and beneficial solution to conflict.

What makes the CCSI Questionnaire unique?

The CCSI is built on a foundation that can professionaly elevate your business

  • Scientific robust – our questionnaire is based on sound scientific grounds and went through detailed validation process on a Dutch market
  • Business context – CCSI is a business related tool that measures people behaviours and preferences at work
  • Flexibility – CSSI provides individual and well as team analysis of co-operation styles in a conflict situation
  • Tool-as-a-service approach – CCSI is a base of a more complex service we provide (Vantage Explore) and can be combined with other tools that measure personality, motivation or specific skills.

Benefits for your organisation

  • Improving the organisational effectiveness by targeting critical skills and behaviours that drive effective co-operation
  • Decreasing the costs of labour court cases, sick leaves, formal complaints and other conflict-related issues
  • Increasing work satisfaction and social responsibility inside organisation

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Vantage Explore

Een methodologie om met behulp van de CCSI een leukere en meer succesvolle organisatie te worden